OpenESB standalone mode or OpenESB SE is a complete distribution of OpenESB that runs in a simple JVM. Not any container is required to run OpenESB SE (Standalone Edition).

OpenESB has been developed to be a very light but reliable and powerful version of OpenESB. OpenESB Core (OpenESB bus and management framework) require less than 100 Mb and starts in less than 5 seconds. OpenESB share its source code with the other versions of OpenESB. So you can develop and deploy your projects on OpenESB SE in the same way than you do on the other platforms.

OpenESB SE has been designed mainly to make easier its deployment on the cloud and on VM farm. Launching OpenESB SE is as easy as starting a simple JVM. Production teams will find in OpenESB SE a way to simplify OpenESB deployment in a multi-instances mode.

Differences between OpenESB SE and OpenESB for Glassfish V2.

JEE SE: The component JavaEE SE is not available on OpenESB SE. JavaEE SE allows JEE Components (EJB and Servlet) to be seen as JBI components. Since OpenESB SE is not a JEE container there is no need to deploy JavaEE SE on this platform. If you already developed many services supported by EJBs and Servlets and plan to migrate your projects on OpenESB SE, we strongly advise you to publish these services by using Java EE features and call them from OpenESB through SOAP on HTTP. If OpenESB and your services are on the same LAN, the overload is less than one thousandth of second. Moreover, you will take advantage from the lastest Java EE technologies.

Clustering: Since OpenESB is not relying on any container, it does not benefit from the application server clustering features. However, OpenESB has been natively designed to work in a multi-instances mode. So many OpenESB instances can be deployed to provide high scalability to your project. Our background shows us that multi-instance mode is far better and more flexible that the cluster mode.

Developer Resources

Source code

The source code for the runtime is available at :

Required software are Maven 2.2.1+ and JDK 6+

Community build 

A build from the community Jenkins instance can be found here.

Current status of the build : 

Download and install runtime

The runtime is built nightly and can be downloaded here.

Just explode the zip file anywhere in your drive ! (be careful about spaces in the installation path)

Start / Stop OpenESB SE 



Please check that you have correct rights before trying to launch OpenESB SE !

Just run :

# From OPENESB_HOME/bin :

To stop the runtime, you have to do a Ctrl + C to kill the process.


To run OpenESB SE on windows you must 

Have a look in the bin sub-directory

To start OpenESB SE just double click on openesb.bat.

In a command line mode

In a command line mode, the batch can be launched from everywhere.

A window opens with "OpenESB SE" as title.

Next steps

If you see the following message (do not take care about locale language), it means that everything is ok.

Lucky guys, from this point, you are able to use OpenESB !

juin 26, 2013 1:29:41 PM com.sun.jbi.framework.JBIFramework startup
INFO: JBIFW0010 : structure JBI prête à accepter les requêtes.
juin 26, 2013 1:29:42 PM com.sun.jbi.framework.JBIFramework ready
INFO: JBIFW0012 : démarrage de la structure JBI terminé. 

Please have a look to the Common Installation Steps to go further...