JBoss AS 7

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The goal of this tasks is to provide all the elements to demonstrate the ability to port

the OpenESB runtime on a JBoss application Server version 7.x

1 DONE  OEJBOSS-2 Getting issue details... STATUS
BootstrapperThe bootstrap bridge between JBoss 7 runtime and OpenESB runtime.2 CURRENT WORK  OEJBOSS-3 Getting issue details... STATUS
Framework / Environment Context

The framework is providing all the needed elements to run OpenESB well in the scope of JBoss AS 7.x

This module is the sole which manipulate the JBoss APIs to provide an implementation of an environment context.

2 CURRENT WORK  OEJBOSS-4 Getting issue details... STATUS
Netbeans PluginProviding Netbeans integration to deploy SA / undeploy SA / manage JBI components / debug BPEL3    OEJBOSS-5 Getting issue details... STATUS
Command line library

in OpenESB 2.3 for GF2, deploy and manage OpenESb components can be done over asadmin command line.

Here we shall extract the OpenESB specific commands and make a generic CLI to manage all OpenESB runtime

2    ESBCOMP-41 Getting issue details... STATUS
Driver testsRunning all driver-tests to validate the platform integration.4    OEJBOSS-6 Getting issue details... STATUS
Cluster supportJBoss AS 7 now comes with clustering support and distributed deployment.5