Working with OpenESB Components sources

Components are splited in many directories :

  1. Major JBI components in ojc-core
  2. JBI Components contribution in root folder (contrib-*)

Global architecture of a JBI Component (in ojc-core) :

  1. Root folder identified by the component name (jmsbc)
  2. Inside the root directory, there are two or more directories :
    1. First one is generally identified by the component name and the "impl" suffix (jmsbcimpl). It contains the implementation of the component and so, its integration with the JBI framework.
    2. The second is used to define the packaging of the component. This directory is simply called "packaging". It contains the component's configuration files and the JBI descriptor (jbi.xml)

Some others components are defining more modules to provide a better flexibility or to provide additional tools :

  • BPEL-SE contains three modules : bpelcore, bpeljbiadapter, packaging and system-test
  • WORKFLOW-SE contains four modules : workflowseimpl, packaging, WLMConsole, sample