Working with OpenESB Core sources


This module contains Open ESB utility classes shared between clients and runtime.


Contains all the interfaces specified by the JSR 208 Expert Committee


The runtime module is the core JBI framework and runtime.

It contains several children for each functionnality of the bus :

  • base : Shared interfaces between JBI Runtime modules
  • esb-manage : ESB Runtime Management Infrastructure
  • esb-security : ESB Security Service
  • framework : JBI Framework Services
  • manage : JBI Runtime Management components, providing installation, deployment, and other JMX interfaces for remote management consoles.
  • nmr : JBI Messaging components
  • security : JBI Security Service
  • sun_framework : JBI Sun Framework Services
  • ui : JBI UI Runtime Classes
  • wsdl : JBI WSDL Shared Library


The client module (ri-clients) contains all the JBI Clients :

  • jbi-admin-common : The "jbi-admin-common" Common CLI code
  • jbi-admin-cli : The "jbi-admin-cli" GlassFish/JBI asadmin CLI commands
  • jbi-admin-gui : The "jbi-admin-gui" Glassfish console code
  • jbi-ant-tasks : The "jbi-ant-tasks" ant tasks code for jbi admin tasks