Building OpenESB Core

System requirements

Checkout source code



If you are behind a proxy, you have to configure git correctly !

git config --global http.proxy http://my_proxy:80

Source code for JBI components is available at

Feel free to fork the repository and create a clone in your local repository.

Maven commands

Prerequisite : Before doing a simple build (package / install) for all components or a specific one, do not forget to do a clean first. The clean should be launch to create some directory and files (bld,

Preparing your Maven environment

To be able to run Maven command without problem, you have to set up environment variables :

  • JV_SRCROOT : your openesb-core working directory.
  • JV_GFBASE : the directory where you installed Glassfish v2.
  • JV_AS8BASE : the same as JV_GFBASE
  • AS8BASE : the same as JV_GFBASE
  • MAVEN_REPOSITORY : it shall have the same value as the  maven.repo.local parameter

export JV_SRCROOT=/home/openesb-dev/openesb-core
export JV_GFBASE=/home/openesb-dev/glassfish

Please use the correct command-line depending on your OS.

Cleaning the project repository (mandatory the first time)

For the first time you build, it creates a Maven repository under $JV_SRCROOT and downloads jar files here.

mvn -Dmaven.repo.local=$JV_SRCROOT/m2/repository clean

Compiling openesb-core

mvn -Dmaven.repo.local=$JV_SRCROOT/m2/repository install

Skiping tests

If you want to skip tests while running Maven commands, you have to set the value of the maven.test.skip parameters :

mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true -Dmaven.repo.local=$JV_SRCROOT/m2/repository install


  1. Do never a mvn clean install in one shot, this one do not work due to some constraints about the Maven lifecycle